How to Earning Money with Facebook ads


How to Earning Money with Facebook ads

There are many ways to make money from Facebook. For those who don't know, especially housewives, students or boarding houses, you can try these methods to earn income from Facebook.

There are easy ways and some are a little complicated. But here we are not discussing Facebook Ads, which is a paid advertising feature offered by Facebook. We only use the free facilities. Yes, just understand the name missquen human, he he he.

Okay, first we have to set up is a Facebook account, that's obvious. Then if you want to be more professional, you can create a Facebook page. This Facebook page will be very useful later to get money from Facebook.

Well, I'm curious about how to make money from Facebook, even though we know that so far Facebook is only a social media used for chatting, uploading photos, status and some. The following is a complete explanation.

How To Get Money From Facebook

There are at least four ways to get money from Facebook quickly and easily, and of course halal. The first is selling on Facebook, joining affiliate programs, promoting other people's products or uploading videos on Facebook.

Wow, how do you do that, are there any tips for maximizing revenue from Facebook? Here we will discuss in full, please listen.

1. Selling on Facebook

The easiest way to make money from Facebook is by selling used goods. Please look for unused items in the house and then upload them to the respective Facebook buying and selling group, within a few hours someone will definitely contact you. Or we can also sell new goods, both reseller goods and our own production. If you sell your own goods on Facebook, it would be better if we use a Facebook page to make it look more professional and trusted.

Another function is to improve branding. Please note that someone will want to buy our goods if they trust our account. Therefore, you should use a real account, don't try to use a fake account because people are starting to understand the difference between a fraud and an honest person.

2. Affiliate Program on Facebook

The second is an affiliate program, which means people advertising on our account or on our Facebook page. The money we earn is obtained from every photo or Facebook status that we upload, for a price that can be agreed between the two parties.

There have been many Facebook accounts or pages that have tens to hundreds of thousands of followers who have used this method to get money from Facebook.

You can also try it, but the main requirement is to have a large following. There are various kinds of things that can be advertised on Facebook ranging from goods, services, job vacancies, even promotion of Facebook pages or groups as well as accounts that have a lot of followers, now it's not free, there are fees charged. - How to make money from Facebook. There are many ways to make money from Facebook. For those who don't know, especially housewives, students or boarding houses, you can try these methods to earn income from Facebook.

3. Promote Other People's Products

 The third is promoting other people's products. You can offer cooperation in the form of uploading product photos along with a purchase link to the official website, or a link to a marketplace such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada or Shopee.

Or if you don't have a marketplace account, you can offer to write contacts that can be contacted such as WhatsApp, telephone, email, Line, Telegram and so on. For material, please submit it to the advertiser.

Or if they want your designs, posters and ad wordings from you, then you can ask for an extra fee. If you are confused, you can try to reference the example of Facebook ads for the process of creating ads on Facebook.

4. Upload Videos on Facebook

The last and most fun thing is that uploading videos on Facebook can now be used to earn money, the name is Facebook Ad Breaks, Facebook video monetization with ad breaks.

Wow, can you really get money just from uploading videos on Facebook? Now you can, you know! You can simply upload any video on Facebook such as tutorials, cooking recipes, beauty make-up, personal vlogs, music, sports, news and so on.

As long as it meets the terms and conditions, our Facebook page can be registered for Facebook Ad Breaks, for more details, please visit the following page, how to register for Facebook ad breaks.


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